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Enrolment is now open for Summer 2021 term

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El trimestre comienza el 17 de Abril 2021 y termina el 17 de Julio.

The Summer term will start on Saturday 17th until Saturday 17th July.

WE URGENTLY NEED PARENT VOLUNTEERS for TREASURY, IT SUPPORT, SOCIAL MEDIA and FOREST SCHOOL. These roles will require certain responsibilities. Training will be provided. Flexible time available. We need a minimum number of volunteers to ensure that Escuelita functions at its best. If you are willing to help out with either of these roles, please email secretaria@escuelita.org.uk and let us know which position you are happy to help with.

Escuelita will continue in the hybrid format in light of the ongoing health and safety concerns and new government requirements caused by COVID-19. Our successful hybrid format – part online, part in-person – will allow us to continue offering high-quality, small group classes that facilitate the development of both the language and shared culture of our Spanish-speaking community.

Summer term details:

  • Music, Science, Art, Dance and Drama: These will be taught online for one hour weekly on Saturdays during term time. Each child will experience one discipline per Saturday and groups will be limited to 8 children in order to ensure a rich and personal learning experience.
  • Forest School: Each child will have 3 hours of Forest School per term. The sessions will be divided in one session of 2 hours and one session of 1 hour. Sessions will be held at The Wild Place, Milton Country Park – a specially enclosed section of the park designated for Forest School. Children will attend Forest Schools in their groups along with one teacher and two parent volunteers. We will be implementing both social distancing and a health and safety plan.
  • Fees: The cost per Saturday is £10 and the membership fee £15 per child (for new members as it is an annual fee). The cost includes an enhanced and longer Forest School experience. The list of materials for the online classes will be sent at least 5 days in advance, in order for the parents to have them prepared for each class. The teachers’ materials list will be based in common school supply materials and kitchen ingredients. 
  • Scheduling: The traditional Escuelita schedule has changed to allow small online groups, three hours of Forest School per term, and enough groups for Escuelita to continue functioning.
    • 5 groups of at least 6 children each are required to make Escuelita financially viable. Due to the number of teachers available per Saturday, four online groups will run from 10:00-11:00. The fifth (or a 6th, if it was needed) online group will run from 11:15-12:15. Each child will only have one, one-hour session.
    • Forest School sessions will be scheduled in the new timetable. The session will run as follows:  first session will be from 10:00am-12:00pm; children will need to bring their own snack. The second session will run from 12:00pm-2:00pm; children will need to bring a packed lunch. Cóndor will be the only one that will have 3 consecutive hours one day per term. 
  • Considering all these factors, including enrolment numbers, all scheduling will be confirmed five days before the start of term, 17th April 2021. If there are not enough groups filled, Escuelita will not be able to open in the Summer term. That is why it is important to enrol as soon as the registration opens.

Enrolment is open now! Click here to enrol.

How to enrol your child for a term or taster class 

  1. Class location box: type Online & The Wild Place
  2. Select a club: click on the right age group for your child. See age groups below:
    • Coquí: Pre-school
    • Capuchino Rubio: Reception Year
    • Capuchino Silbador: Year 1 
    • Capibara: Year 2 & 3
    • Cóndor: Year 4, 5, & 6
  3. Child’s details (please complete)
  4. Contact details (please complete)
  5. Address details (please complete)
  6. Phone number (please complete)
  7. Email address (please complete)
  8. Click on create user box
  9. Please complete all requested additional information (e.g. allergies, consent form, etc.)


Parent volunteers:

Volunteer details:

  • Forest School: Two parent volunteers per group are needed for Forest School. Volunteers will be able to social distance and have minimum responsibilities (to be carried out only on day of the session). Mainly volunteers will need to monitor the entrance/exit of The Wild Place to ensure safety while the session takes place. This is an opportunity to be outside with a cup of coffee and have a good chat with a fellow Escuelita parent! If you have any questions email at secretaria@escuelita.org.uk.
  • Treasury: The treasurer is in charge of the daily finances of Escuelita CIC (managing Escuelita’s bank account, send invoices to families before the beginning of each term, as well as payment reminders if needed; keep track of all incoming payments and check these against pending invoices; pay teacher remittance at the end of each month; pay all bills and invoices in a timely manner; prepare an annual budget to be presented at the AGM for approval; compare income and expenditure against the approved budget throughout the financial year) It is the treasurer’s duty to report Escuelita’s current financial situation to the Board of Directors, who together make financial decisions. Prepare accounts for submission to Companies House and HMRC.
  • IT: We are also looking for an IT volunteer. The IT volunteer just needs to be on-call in the rare case that a teacher is having technical difficulties during her online session.  Our online sessions will use the platform Google Classroom. They will also be responsible for updating the Escuelita website . Rosemary is currently performing this role, as there were no volunteers for this role during the last AGM. For details please email at secretaria@escuelita.org.uk.
  • Social media management: Escuelita has a Facebook and Instagram pages currently use as means to inform Escuelita’s members about forthcoming activities, as well as events or events that may be of interest for the Spanish-speaking community or families with children. We also use social media to advertise Escuelita and showcase our work to a wider community. For any further details please email at secretaria@escuelita.org.uk.

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